Are you bored of playing solitaire on your computer, iPad or phone?  There is nothing good on television.  The internet is full of good and bad material and this includes the faith perspective.  I am going to give you from time to time some suggestions of faith-based material on the computer.


I believe that books are our best source of Faith and leisure, then comes some movies and TV but the computer can also give you something different and interesting.


News and Spirituality:  I suggest ALETEIA.ORG. It has very good writers presenting news, inspiring stories, voices & views and lifestyle articles from a Catholic perspective.  It is geared more to women, but men can find a lot in the magazine as well.


Mass and Faith:  Bishop Robert Barron’s media project WORDONFIRE.ORG is as good as one would expect from Bishop Barron.  Mass is projected from this website, the Diocese of Cleveland website DIOCESEOFCLEVELAND.ORG and broadcast on EWTN.


SQPN.COM or you can try YouTube or SQPN.COM/CATEGORY/PODCASTS/AKIN/.  Jimmy Akin is a Catholic Convert and regular contributor to Catholic Answers magazine but in print and online.  He presents the most interesting stuff in his Jimmy Akins Mysterious Universe broadcasts.  I can get the broadcasts on the podcast feature on the iPad.  I have no idea how I got it there.  He presents topics from aliens to werewolves to magic to King Tut all from the perspective of Faith and Reason.  This is a great program for young people.  Young people leave the Faith because they think the church is not reasonable.  This program shows that Faith and reason are not opposed to each other.


Welcome to St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Parish in Lorain, Ohio. We are a small church with a big heart within the Cleveland Catholic Diocese. We are willing to work hard for God and welcome all Catholics and family members and friends. All people, both Catholic and Non-Catholic are invited to become members of St. Frances Xavier Parish.




Fr. John Retar, Pastor


People are searching for a friendly place to worship God and be strengthened and inspired by Scriptures and Sacraments. Our parishioners come from diversified ethnic backgrounds, personal histories, age, and states of life. We are a community who will welcome you, serve you, and help you to become closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ. As your Pastor and Parochial Vicar, we would like to help all parishioners and Catholics in the south side of Lorain to be prepared to receive the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. It is through the Sacraments that we have an intimate encounter with Jesus Christ, our Lord.


For families with young children, we do offer the Parish School of Religion on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. This is the opportunity for families and youth to become rooted in our Catholic faith and culture. Religious education, whether you are a child, teen, or a parent, is important and should be ongoing.


Within this website we have included a brief but active history of the parish. We have included information on our parish's patroness, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. You will  also find information regarding stewardship, parish organizations and their contacts, and many opportunities to become involved. Suggestions for activities and parish functions are always welcome. You will also find a map of the parish as well.


We look forward to meeting you and serving you as Pastor and Parochial Vicar to help you grow in God's grace. We welcome you to bring a friend or neighbor. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Parish is first and foremost a place of worship.

Fr. Russ Rauscher, Parochial Vicar

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